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This awesome soft lambskin is of Icelandic origin and is characterized by a nice scent, feel and touch as well as fluffy, very long, natural wool. It is the perfect rug to just throw on your floor and make it look beautiful and cosy! Lots of other colours available. For details please see

This beautiful rug is made mainly from New Zealand wool, with stripes and highlights of bamboo viscose and some jute also in the mix. It has texture and the colours look amazing. It is also hardwearing thus fit or any room in the house.For more details please see

Add caption Yes, we all love Greece! But did you know these amazing Flokati rugs are made from the finest Greek wool? Their feel is absolutely unique and they give barefoot a whole different meaning! For more colours and shapes please see

Have triangles ever been more fun? This beautiful rug is made of cowhides and is so easy to clean and maintain. Absolutely a delight to have in any room, can be the perfect place for playing with the kids, maybe even teach them how to count or which colour is which. A classic living room […]

New Zealand wool put to its best use. Your living room will be brought to life by this amazingly coloured rug. Its a wonderful fit for any type of floors and furniture colour and you can also put it in your child’s room to create a perfect playing ground. See for more details.