The real rug company versus Ikea – a comparison

Today, I stumbled across IKEAs Flokati rugs on their website.
I thought, we could never compete with such a massive company as IKEA because they buy enormous quantities.. but when I looked closer I noticed I was wrong.

See this comparison:

Our Flokati in our lightweight quality (1700g/m2), costs just £72 for the size 140×200 cm – and that includes free delivery. It is handtufted in 100% fine wool from New Zeeland in the Flokatis homeland Greece.

The squaremeter price for our rug is : £25.7
The price per kg for our rug is: £15.11

Ikeas thickest flokati is 800g/m2, and costs just £44.99 for the same size, but…
It is machinetufted, in these materials:
Pile: 100 % Pure New Wool
Base fabric: 100% polypropylene

The squaremeter price for IKEAs rug is : £16.06
The price per kg for IKEAs rug is: £20

So..consider this next time you buy a rug, that the rug you think might be the cheapest one isnt always really the cheapest one!


You will of course find our rugs on

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